Intex ensures safety, supports education of Mindoro children Aug. 30, 2013 | Philippine Star In   many   of   the   Philippines'   far-flung   rural   areas,   basic   services   such   as   public   transportation   are   difficult   to   come   by. Consequently,   progress   comes   slow   and   poverty   remains   prevalent,   perpetuated   by   meager   education   -   or   poor access   to   it   -   as   young   students   who   can   barely   afford   it   have   to   take   long   walks   to   get   to   and   from   school,   or   pay high fares that take a toll on their already measly allowances. Such   was   the   case   among   the   young   residents   of   Pag-asa   and   San   Agustin,   two   barangays   in   the   eastern   fringes   of Sablayan   town   in   Occidental   Mindoro,   until   Intex   Resources   Philippines,   Inc.   provided   free   shuttle   van   service   to   the Mangyan and Tagalog students in these small communities at the foothills of the so-called Mindoro Pine Range. Since   last   July,   some   82   elementary   and   high   school   students   are   being   ferried   to   and   from   their   schools   in   Central Pag-asa and San Agustin to the relief of their parents. High school students from Barangay San Agustin board Intex's free   shuttle   van   service   to   and   from   their   school   in   Central   Pag-asa.   The   van   makes   six   trips   a   day,   serving   a   total   of 82   elementary   and   high   school   students   in   the   easternmost   fringes   of   Sablayan,   Occidental   Mindoro.   "This   rainy season, the kids won't get wet anymore," one the students' parent says. They're also more inspired to study." "This   shuttle   service   is   a   big   help   to   our   children,"   says   Timoteo   Gregorio,   a   pastor   of   the   Mangyan   indigenous people   Born   Again   Christian   congregation   in   Pag-Asa.   "This   rainy   season,   the   kids   won't   get   wet   anymore.   They're also   more   inspired   to   study.   They   wake   up   early   to   be   able   to   catch   the   shuttle   service   schedule   of   6:30   a.m.   In   the afternoon, they're also brought back home." Pastor   Gregorio,   who   is   from   the   Tao   BuhidMangyan   tribe,   is   married   to   Marilyn,   an   AlanganMangyan.   As   required by   Intex,   they   see   their   six   children   off   at   the   shuttle   van   pickup   point   in   Amnay   at   the   northeast   edge   of   Sablayanto ensure   that   they   really   board   the   vehicle   to   school.   Six   other   children   of   the   Gregorio   clan,   and   12   others   -   all Mangyans, take the van from the foothills to their school in Central Pag-asa, 2.5 kilometers away. Before,   they   had   to   walk   far   to   get   to   school,   or   pay   P10   per   head   to   ride   on   the   back   of   motorcycles   that   rarely pass   by   our   area,"   says   Pastor   Gregorio.   "Now   they   are   no   longer   exposed   to   the   sun   and   rain,   and   if   they   have   to go home late, they're safe even if the roads don't have lighting." "This   is   a   very   simple   way   of   helping   that   Intex   is   doing,   but   the   positive   effect   of   this   service   is   so   huge   for   parents like   me,   and   most   especially   to   our   children,"   says   Luminda   Gatchalian,   a   Tagalog   mother   of   three   students   from San   Agustin.   "The   safety   of   our   children   are   looked   after,   they   are   being   supported   in   their   studies,   our   expenses are lessened, and we have peace of mind precisely because of these benefits."
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