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Intex’s nickel deposit 19 September 2013 | Manila Standard Today Intex   Resources   Philippines   Inc.   said   Wednesday   its   Mindoro   Nickel   Project   can   produce   over   $40   billion   worth   of nickel. Intex   said   in   a   statement   the   project,   which   straddles   the   municipalities   of   Sablayan,   Occidental   Mindoro   and Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, hold approximately 3 million tons of nickel. Sven   Monrad   Jensen,   executive   vice   president   of   Intex   Resources   Philippines   Inc.,   said   the   company’s   feasibility study   showed   the   project   could   potentially   be   the   largest   nickel   producer   and   the   only   refined   nickel-metal   plant   in the Philippines. Jensen   added   that   Intex   would   also   produce   150,000   tons   per   annum   of   ammonium   sulphate   fertilizer,   16,000   tons of cobalt sulphate salts, 75,000 tons of metallurgical chromite and 110 megawatts of carbon-free electric power. http://manilastandardtoday.com/2013/09/19/intexs-nickel-deposit/
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