INTEX SPENDS P140m TO PROTECT MINDORO’S ENVIRONMENT July 20, 2013 Intex Resources Philippines Inc., still in the exploration stage, has spent over P140 million for environmental protection and management initiatives for its Mindoro Nickel Project from 2008 to June this year. A huge portion of the expenses were disbursed in 2008 and 2009 at the height of Intex’s exploration and drilling activities in portions of its property, which straddles the provinces of Oriental Mindoro and Occidental Mindoro. Through its innovative design and unique process solutions, the Mindoro Nickel Project is expected to set new standards for the nickel industry with its unprecedented low-carbon emissions, independence of fossil fuels and exceptionally low environmental impact. “With the end in view of systematically and effectively mitigating the potential impacts of minerals exploration and, subsequently, development, on both the environment and host communities, Intex commissioned a thorough assessment or baseline study of Mindoro,” said Intex president Leo Cleto Gamolo. “The study was conducted by a host of Filipino and foreign experts, including environmental engineers, botanists, mining engineers, environmental project managers, biologists, social scientists, hydrologists, and agro-foresters, among others,” he added. The baseline study was led by the University of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation Inc. for an inventory of the island’s flora and fauna. Lichtel Technologies Inc. undertook the comprehensive social and environmental studies, which became the cornerstone of MNP’s Environmental Impact Study. The EIS provides the framework for Intex’s environmental management plan, which identifies  predicted impacts, mitigating and enhancement measures, responsible parties that will implement the mitigating measures, schedule of implementation, and guarantees or programs that will address the impacts. The environmental protection and management measures encompass all stages of the mine life—from exploration, development, construction, commissioning operation, and decommissioning and total rehabilitation. These measures include land, water, air and noise pollution control, soil loss and erosion management, rehabilitation and reforestation, and environmental monitoring.
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014