07 Feb. 2011 | Mining investment hit $956 million MANILA, Philippines - Mining investments for the whole of 2010 amounted to only $955.85 million, way below the adjusted full-year target of $1.2 billion. http://www.philstar.com/business/654675/mining-investments-hit-956-million __________________________________________________________________________________________ 13 June 2011 | Phl one of the world’s richest in mineral resources MANILA, Philippines - A few years ago, Jon Petersen, chief executive officer (CEO) of Intex Resources, made a pronouncement to a national newspaper that ‘’nickel could be to the Philippines what oil is to Norway and Saudi Arabia.’’ http://www.philstar.com/business-usual/695277/phl-one-worlds-richest-mineral-resources __________________________________________________________________________________________ 24 July 2011 | Benign by design (or how to put ‘green’ into nickel mining) Jon Steen Petersen, CEO and COO of Intex Resources ASA, is a soft-spoken man in an industry rippling with raised voices, especially when it comes to the subject of environmental impact. Petersen, in an interview with Business Monday, says he prefers to let Intex’s Philippine venture speak for itself as a nickel mining project that http://business.inquirer.net/8649/benign-by-design-or-how-to-put-%E2%80%98green%E2%80%99 -into-nickel-mining __________________________________________________________________________________________
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