Intex cited for Mindoro reforestation Manila Bulletin| November 29, 2013 Officials of government regulatory agencies and the mining industry have recognized the reforestation efforts of Intex Resources Philippines, Inc. in the provinces of Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro.  Now in the feasibility stage for its Mindoro Nickel   Read more..... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Atok, Intex settle dispute The Philippine Star | October 25, 2013 MANILA,   Philippines   -   Listed   miner   Atok-Big   Wedge   Co.   Inc.   chiered   by   Roberto   V.   Ongpin   and   Norwegian   miner   Intex Resources   AS   have   agreed   to   settle   their   differences   over   a   failed   equity   sale   agreement   involving   a   Mindoro   nickel project. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mining-tax reforms await Cabinet action 19 September 2013 | Business Mirror PROPOSED mining-tax reforms have yet to be “vetted” by the Cabinet before they could be endorsed for congressional enactment, Malacañang said on Wednesday. Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex’s nickel deposit 19 September 2013 | Manila Standard Today Intex Resources Philippines Inc. said Wednesday its Mindoro Nickel Project can produce over $40 billion worth of nickel. Read more..... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Regional court overruled on technicality 15 September 2013 | Business World THE COURT of Appeals (CA) has granted a Norwegian miner’s plea against a lower court ruling denying its motion to dismiss a civil case filed by a locally listed firm over the botched sale of a nickel mine in Mindoro. Read More... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Atok-Big Wedge loses bid for Mindoro site 15 September 2013 | Business Mirror  THE Court of Appeals (CA) has granted the petition filed by Norwegian firm Intex Resources ASA seeking the dismissal of the complaint filed by publicly listed mining company Atok-Big Wedge Co., demanding its compliance with their agreement covering the sale of its mining project in the province of Mindoro. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex budgets $2.8B for Mindoro nickel project September 13, 2013 | Inquirer Intex Resources ASA of Norway has committed to invest $2.8 billion in the development of its flagship Mindoro nickel project. Read more..... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex ensures safety, supports education of Mindoro children Aug. 30, 2013| Philippine Star In many of the Philippines' far-flung rural areas, basic services such as public transportation are difficult to come by. Consequently, progress comes slow and poverty remains prevalent, Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex spends P140M for ‘green’ initiatives Aug. 4, 2013 | Philippine Daily Inquirer Mining firm Intex Resources Philippines Inc. has so far invested about P140 million in its environmental protection and management initiatives at its Mindoro nickel project, according to company officials. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ INTEX SPENDS P140m FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IN MINDORO NICKEL PROJECT July 22, 2013 | Tribute.net.ph Still in the exploration stage, Intex Resources Philippines, Inc. has spent — from 2008 up to June this year over P140 million for environmental protection and management initiatives for its Mindoro nickel project . Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ INTEX SPENDS P140m TO PROTECT MINDORO’S ENVIRONMENT July 20, 2013 | Manila Standard Today Intex Resources Philippines Inc., still in the exploration stage, has spent over P140 million for environmental protection and management initiatives for its Mindoro Nickel Project from 2008 to June this year. Read More.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ IN MINDORO, RESPONSIBLE MINING IS REAL  (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 8, 2013 MANILA, Philippines - That mining is literally the bedrock of civilization and the industry’s critical future impacts on mankind’s quality of life shouldn’t be debated at all. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ITX - MANAGEMENT CHANGES IN THE PHILIPPINES July 04, 2013 Mr. Leo Cleto A. Gamolo has been promoted to the position as the Country manager and Head of the Philippine operations. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex set to start Mindoro project May 21, 2013 MANILA, Philippines - Norwegian-based Intex Resources ASA expressed optimism that it will finally be able to explore for nickel in the Mindoro province through its Mindoro Nickel Project  (MNP) as it continues to make substantial ontribution to the province via its corporate social responsibility (CSR). read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Green paradise, livelihood, and eco-tourism for Mindoreños May. 21, 2013 “There is no better legacy than making Oriental Mindoro a green paradise for future generations, ” said Rep. Reynaldo Umali during the Unified Tree of Life (UTOL) program held recently at Barangay Ipil in Bongabong town to mark this year’s Earth Day celebration.  read more...... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mining firm, local groups join hands for nature May. 20, 2013 MANILA, Philippines—Getting one’s voice heard in this day and age can be a challenge, especially when there is a multitude of voices in society speaking loudly and frequently. read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex, mining sector upbeat after election May. 20, 2013 The generally peaceful mid-term election bodes well for the mining industry, industry experts believe, even as the sector eagerly awaited the action of Malacañang to resolve contentious     issues pertaining to mining reforms as embodied in Executive Order 79. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Group pushes for industrialization via responsible mining April 23, 2013 When poor people cannot get their voices heard individually, the best way left for them is to band together in the hope that powers that be will listen.... Read more.. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mindoro people’s alliance calls for industrialization via responsible mining April 20, 2013 When poor people cannot get their voices heard individually, the best way left for them is to band together in the hope that powers that be will listen... Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ THE POWER OF EDUCATION A growing number of Mangyan students are liberating themselves from poverty through     education.  This graduation season, five more Mangyan scholars of Intex Resources Philippines, Inc. Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ HELPING LIBERATE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FROM POVERTY THROUGH EDUCATION Thursday, 04 April 2013 This school graduation season, five more Mangyan scholars of Intex Resources Philippines, Inc. joined the growing number of indigenous peoples (IPs) in Mindoro island Read More... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ INTEX HELPS FIVE MANGYAN SCHOLARS THRU HIGH SCHOOL Thursday, 04 April 2013 Five Mangyan scholars of Intex Resources Philippines Inc. joined the growing number of  indigenous peoples (IPs) of Mindoro island who have completed their high school education in the hope of improving the lot of their families and indigenous cultural communities. Read More... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ HUMAM RIGHTS VOLITION March 24, 2013 The question now on the Sabah issue is one on human rights. Whether the Philippine or    Malaysian governments like it or not, the Sabah issue will remain an irritant between them,      flaring up now and then, exposing both to international scrutiny. Read more...... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ THE FUTURE OF PHL MINING March 24, 2013 There are indications that our government is beginning to see the light and has started to move in the right direction as far as its mining policy is concerned. Read More..... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Biz Buzz: Energy shakeout Philippine Daily Inquirer 2:52 am | Monday, February 25th, 2013 It may be entangled in a legal dispute with businessman Roberto Ongpin, but Norwegian-based Intex Resources ASA is trying to take the initiative by winning plus points with the public. Read more...... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Tree planting as an innovative solution to broader societal problems Philippine Daily Inquirer 10:55 pm | Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 If this program will continue, we will see the return of trees that were lost because of the slash-and-burn farming and charcoal-making practices of IPs. Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mangyans, Inmates Participate In Intex’s LEAF Tree-Planting Project February 21, 2013 While the minerals development industry is at the doldrums as it waits for the lifting of the government moratorium on mining.  Read more... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex offers rare earth elements Posted on Feb. 13, 2013 at 12:01am | 611 views http://manilastandardtoday.com/2013/02/13/intex-offers-rare-earth-elements/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Intex Offers REEs For Free February 19, 2013 Norwegian-based Intex Resources ASAwhich operates Mindoro Nickel Mining says that it can produce rare earth elements (REEs) to the country for free. Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ A rare offer Posted on Feb. 07, 2013 at 12:01am Mindoro Nickel, which Intex is hoping to turn into one of the worlds biggest nickel producers, has more to offer other than nickel. Read more.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Lost opportunities in mining Posted on Jan. 31, 2013 at 12:01am http://manilastandardtoday.com/2013/01/31/lost-opportunities-in-mining/6
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