CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Integrity – acting in a trustworthy, responsible way and being accountable for our actions. Compassion – recognizing local stakeholder values and improving conditions in the                                    communities in which we operate. Dedication – using our experience and commitment to serve as innovative problem                                 solvers. Intex Resources reports on international standards for CSR (corporate social responsibility). Our overall reporting on the environment, people and society is in compliance with the core of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. Examples are seen in the way Intex Resources conducts environmental protection and restores exploration areas, how the company involves the indigenous and local communities and supports agricultural initiatives and other capacity building programs. In addition, the company extends free health services and supports a range of educational activities to both local schools and adult learning programs. Particularly at Mindoro, environmental issues are continuously on the agenda and followed up by the company. Intex Resources strive to make Mindoro Nicle a new industry norm for environmental stewardship in the processing of nickel laterite ores. Our solutions provide an exceptionally low carbon footprint and a range of other environmental benefits for the Mindoro Projects are. Intex Resources actively participates in several environmental programmes on the island of Mindoro by providing planting materials for the requirements of local government units and civil society groups. Intex Resources has committed to deliver a project to such high international norms that it not only could serve as a model for other operators but equally important, ensure benefits for the local people through new opportunities, engagement and enhanced livelihood with reduced poverty. Comprehensive community relations programs with more than what is required by law have been undertaken in severaly major fields: Education and scholarships, health, water and sanitation, agriculture and livelihood, capacity building initiatives and local infrastructure support. Both the ethical guidelines for Intex Resources and the company’s business ethics are reviewed annually.
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014