AGRICULTURE A livelihood support program for Mangyans is in place in compliance with commitments under the MOA with Mangyans.  In 2009, some 350 Mangyan households from the Kabilogan ng Mangyan and SADAKI organizations benefitted from the distribution of agricultural seeds, farms tools, farm animals, fertilizers and water-impounding irrigation structures.  These enabled the Mangyans to undertake organized farming of rice, corn and root crops over 27.8 hectares of farmland in Barangays Villa Cerveza and Pag-asa. Further support for Mangyan agricultural initiatives came from a carabao or work animal dispersal program that helped reduce the time and costs for land preparation and hauling. These agricultural CSR initiatives are intended to wean Mangyans away from their traditional (and unabated) slash- and-burn (“kaingin”) farming system that over the years has led to the depletion of forest resources and the decline of food sources in the wild.
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