ENVIRONMENTAL WORK PROGRAM Following   the   completion   of   drill   holes   in   its   MPSA   area,   Mindoro   Nickel   immediately   initiated   rehabilitation   at   the exploration sites. Environmental   rehabilitation   through   the   planting   of   native   species   was   undertaken   in   compliance   with   Mindoro Nickel’s Environmental Work Program (EnWP). In   2009,   a   total   of   798   completed   drill   holes   were   rehabilitated   and   re-vegetated.      Assorted   plant   species   used   in the   re-vegetation   were   native   forest   trees   and   wildling   species   –   such   as   batino,   almaciga   and   other   species   of plants that are common in the area – for easy acclimatization and adaptation. There   are   over   90,000   assorted   seedlings   of   exotic   and   endemic   forest   species   that   have   been   planted   within   the completed   drill   holes   at   the   exploration   site   and   at   barren   areas   near   the   mining   tenement   in   the   municipalities   of Victoria,   Oriental   Mindoro   and   Sablayan,   Occidental   Mindoro.      The   survival   rate   of   the   planted   trees   has   been assessed at 80%. Regular   monitoring   and   foot   patrols   in   the   established   plantation   areas   are   undertaken   by   Mindoro   Nickel   field personnel.
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