HEALTH Mindoro    Nickel    actively    supports    the    Barangay    Villa    Cerveza    community    clinic    that    serves    the    needs    of    local residents   –   both   Mangyans   and   Tagalogs.      For   2009,   the   community   clinic   was   able   to   provide   free   consultations   on 16,000 cases and the provision of basic medical prescriptions and supplies. Mindoro   Nickel   also   provides   hospital   assistance   for   residents   of   host   or   impact   communities,   who   would   otherwise be   unable   to   afford   hospital   services   in   the   main   town   centers   of   Victoria,   Calapan   City,   Sablayan,   Sta.   Cruz   or Mamburao.  In 2009, the Company provided assistance for 600 cases that were referred to it. Mindoro   Nickel   also   provides   mobile   clinic   and   ambulance   services   through   a   partnership   agreement   with   the Victoria   Women’s   Association   –   an   NGO   that   provides   outreach   services   in   the   impact   municipality   of   Victoria.      With a membership base of 1,800, the Victoria Women’s Association provides health
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