INFRASTRUCTURE To accommodate the increasing number of Mangyan students and in keeping with the spirit of the MOA, a two- classroom building was constructed at the Villa Cerveza Elementary Extension School at Dangare. To provide Mangyans facilities when they travel to the lowlands and as part of its MOA commitments, Mindoro Nickel constructed the Mangyan (SADAKI) Multi-Purpose Building at Sitio Candido, Barangay Villa Cerveza in the municipality of Victoria, Construction of a two-classroom training building commenced in 2009 in Victoria.  The training facility – which will partner with the national government’s Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) – is in anticipation of the eventual operation of the mine and will provide skills development programs for livelihood, technical and vocational skills for deserving residents of impact and indirect impact barangays in the municipality of Victoria. Other infrastructure activities in 2009 included repair and rehabilitation work on the hanging bridge at Puting Bato, a mini-impounding project to provide irrigation for a rice project for Mangyan SADAKI farmers in Puting Bato, the repainting of the Tadyawan Elementary School building.
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