SAFETY Mindoro Nickel places a premium on Safety.  The deliberate consciousness on the critical importance of Safety has paid off as the project has recorded to-date zero-fatality in the work place.  However, much remains to be done, particularly in the area of providing comprehensive PPE (personnel protective equipment) to all staff. Intex proactively participates in various occupational safety seminars and workshops. In 2009, the Company participated  in the following seminars and workshops: Basic Occupational Safety and Health Seminar Course facilitated by PEME Safety Accredited Safety Practitioners and Consultants at the University of the Philippines Loss Control Management (LCM) Safety Seminar Course facilitated by PEME Safety Accredited Safety Practitioners and Consultants also at the University of the Philippines Diliman The annual conference of the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) Presentation at the conference of a technical paper on how the Company promotes a culture of safety, health and environmental awareness in the workplace and in the host communities First-time participation in the firefighting competition where the Company won 3rd place The Company regularly conducts safety drills and seminars for staff, specifically: Fire Prevention and Disaster Preparedness Seminar which was organized in collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Department in the municipality of Victoria Regular and continuing safety field inspections and briefings at the Buraboy drill site areas Periodic safety inspections at the Field Base and Fly Camp A mandatory defensive driving workshop conducted for all authorized company drivers The Company regularly conducts preventive measures to ensure the continuing safety of staff. The Company also continues to upgrade the quality and availability of sufficient PPEs (personnel protective equipment) so that all personnel are prepared for any possible contingency.
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014