FULL UTILIZATION OF A NICKEL DEPOSIT WITH NO HIGH GRADE 24 Oct. 2012 The Feasibility Study has provided Mindoro Nickel with an operation, which may not only become the worlds first carbon-neutral mining operation but also such low operational cost that the economic break-eve grade of the ore is well below the geological minimum grade of the (natural) resources. This will allow a nearly 100% utilization of the physical nickel laterite occurance, an advantage few mining project in the world today can offer. The processing is using a patented flow sheet, which allows for the integration of conventional limonite and saprolite ore processing into a single hydrometallurgical path. The world-patent was possible because the operation adds value in the acid neutralization stage, unlike any others. Proven technical solutions The proposed parallel hydrometallurgical processing of both limonitic and saprolitic ore is based on proven and commercially tested technical solutions to reduce technical risk. The applied HPAL flow sheet follows closely the successful Coral Bay project of Sumitomo in the Philippines whereas Raventhorpe Nickel in Western Australia successfully operated the proposed atmospheric leach circuit on a commercial scale. The two laterite ore types: limonite and saprolite are processed separately in the first stage of the process route, using High-pressure acid leach (HPAL) and Atmospheric leach (ATML) technology, respectively, before the charged slurries are combined and neutralized using saprolite ore, adding a further 25% nickel to the solution, before conventional solid-liquid separation in CCD-circuits is applied. A metallurgical-grade chromite concentrate will also be produced from the beneficiation of the limonite slurry through gravity separation.  Finally, ammonium sulphate fertilizer will be produced as a by-product in the final metals refinery stage.
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014