Group pushes for industrialization via responsible mining Published: April 23, 2013 When poor people cannot get their voices heard individually, the best way left for them is to band together in the hope that powers that be will listen. This is just what residents of the two provinces in Mindoro Island did when 30 people’s organizations with a combined membership of over 5,000 formed Alyansa Laansa Kaunlaran at Kalikasan, Laban sa Kahirapan or ALAS-KA to address issues related to poverty, development and environmental protection. Now on their fourth year, ALAS-KA members recently celebrated their founding anniversary in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro through a clean-up drive even as they renewed their call for the lifting of the moratorium on mining in both Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro, which halted the activities of Norwegian-based Intex Resources Philippines Inc. as it approached the last stages of mining feasibility for its Mindoro Nickel Project (MNP). Straddling both provinces, the MNP area is projected as the largest nickel producer and the only refined nickel-metal plant in the Philippines. ALAS-KA members look forward to the realization of Intex’s development plans for the two provinces, which will benefit tremendously from the opportunity to add world-class industrial development to Mindoro’s traditional trades. “We continue to grow in number and strength compared to our previous years as an organization),” ALAS-KA Chairman Danny Martinez told members during a lull in the cleanup drive. From only with 24 people who organized the group, ALAS-KA has grown to 5,000 members. They now also have livelihood and environment projects, as well as seed fund. “Intex will adopt an innovative mining approach that promises to leave minimal environmental footprints  and a prosperous Mindoro island,” AndyPestano, IntexCommunity Relations and Development Office manager, said. “The approach entails the full utilization of all the mining process components – from raw materials to end products, including consumables, energy, by product, and waste materials. The ore will be mined, processed, and refined in Mindoro and shipped from Mindoro by people mostly from Mindoro and with payment to Mindoro banks.”
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014