The company has a small portfolio of exploration and development projects, but with interesting potential. The company’s project portfolio consist of Mindoro Nickel in the Philippines, the Nordi molybdenum project in Norway, and several grassroots exploration projects. The company’s highest priority is preparations for the realization of Mindoro Nickel, the Company’s largest and advanced asset.

Mindoro Nickel Project

The Mindoro Nickel project is moving towards realization through partnership with competent technical and financial partners. The Mindoro Nickel project is Intex Resources‘ main asset. In late 2006, when the company was established and listed as a separate company from Crew Gold Corporation, the project was reactivated. A Definitive Feasibility Study was delivered by Aker Solutions in February 2010.

Hurdal Molybdenum Project

The company holds an exclusive exploitation licence for a major porphyry-style mineral deposit located some 80km N of Oslo. The Hurdal Molybdenum Project deposit has the potential to become the largest molybdenum mine in mainland Europe. The project has potential to become an important player in the Europan supply for this steel alloy metal.

Other projects

Beyond this, the company will work to establish a larger portfolio of projects in different stages of the development process. Early projects may generate substantial value if they lead to the discovery of new mineral deposits with commercial potential. Such opportunities will be added and gradually developed if they prove to have potential for significant value creation.
Intex Resources Philippines Inc. 2014