PUBLIC ENDORSEMENTS Intex recognizes that exploration and mining firms are an integral part of host communities.  As such, these firms should work in harmony with people in these communities.  Through a series of public hearings, Intex personnel consulted officials and residents of host and impact barangays in Oriental Mindoro and Occidental Mindoro where people had the opportunity to air their concerns and points for or against the Mindoro Nickel Project.  These consultations ascertained - through the residents' informed consent - the social acceptability of the project. We provide below the links to the resolutions drafted by Intex's host and neighboring barangays in the two Mindoro island provinces.  We recognize that we need to do further consultations with municipal and provincial local government units who will both be beneficiaries and active participants in mineral resources management in accordance with the Philippine Constitution and with local autonomy and empowerment.
Kindly click the province’s names below to see the barangays that have endorsed  the Mindoro Nickel Project
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